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AirTag Dog Collar Holder

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Meet Track Fido Snap Case. AirTag Dog Collar Attachment. That Just Got Smarter.


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Designed For Apple AirTag tracking device

**** Apple AirTag Sold Separately

TRACK FIDO® Snap Case for Apple AirTag Dog Collar Attachment securely attaches Apple AirTag to your dogs collar. The device is designed with safety in mind so that it cannot be easily removed without assistance. The Snap Case Is Built for the rugged outdoors. Waterproof & Shockproof. Made from High - Quality Food Grade Silicone Safe for dogs built with Unmatched Comfort.

TRACK FIDO® Snap Case for AirTag Dog Collar Holder is the perfect Apple AirTag accessory for your furry animals that will seek peace of mind from getting lost.  Download Apple Airtag App Find My for live tracking

Join the TRACK FIDO® community of parents, caregivers and pet lovers now by pre-ordering to be the first to receive the AirTag Snap Case. Patent pending for the TRACK FIDO® Snap Case.




AirTag Dog Collar Holder - TrackFIDO


AirTag Dog Collar Holder - TrackFIDO

AirTag Dog Collar Holder - Track FIDO

AirTag Dog Collar - Track FIDO

dog collar airtag TrackFido




Pet Owners Are Raving About This Apple AirTag Dog Collar 

Apple Dog Collar

Apple Dog Collar

How cool would it be to track your furry pet with your Apple iPhone.  Well TrackFIDO has built an Apple Dog Collar with a clear view for the Apple AirTag.  Finally a Dog Collar with free dog tracking device iPhone technology by Apple’s Find My app.

The AirTag is clearly visible in the TrackFIDO AirTag Dog Collar

It is very important that the Apple AirTag is clearly visible on the Apple Dog Collar.  The reason for this is because the Bluetooth Apple AirTag notifies nearby Apple device holders that there is a missing item near them.  Other competing Apple AirTag Dog Collars miss the mark because they hide the AirTag, which defeats the purpose of the collar in the first place.

Dog Collar Tracker Built For Apple AirTags Needs To Be Comfortable

So many tracking dog collars on the market today.  But are they built Durable and Comfortable.  The Apple AirTag Dog Collar craze has caused numerous companies to manufacture GPS Dog Collars, but how many of them designed them in mind of comfort?  Quality is very important, and you do not want your pet feeling skin irritation or itchiness around their neck because of a poorly made collar.  TrackFIDO is made from waterproof Space Grade Aluminum Case.  The Band is Eco Friendly Washable, Hypo Allergenic, Sustainable Pesticide -Free and also good for the earth and even better for your dog.  Everything is Made in the USA.

AirTag Dog Collar Needs To Be Built Durabable and the best built quality.

AirTag Dog Collar needs to be built rugged cause dog collars go through it all.  From rolling around in the mud, to pulling hard on the leash from long walks.  It’s important to have a tracking dog collar to sustain itself for years of abuse.  The TrackFIDO does this excellently due to lots of testing and higher grade materials.  Every Apple AirTag Collar goes through many of test before sold to the public.

TrackFIDO Tracking Dog Collar uses a Chip From Apples AirTag

Apple’s impressive Bluetooth tracker will track anything that the AirTag is attached to.  TrackFIDO found a way to make an Apple Dog Collar using AirTags.  Apple’s $29 Bluetooth tracker called an AirTag. Attached one to an Apple Dog Collar and you can locate it with your iPhone’s Find My app.  The cool thing is an Apple AirTag is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that attaches to and object like your pets collar (with the help of a case) and can be located using Apple’s Find My network with an app on the iPhone, Mac or iPad.  It offers a level of security and privacy unmatched by other Bluetooth trackers.  Apple includes alerts to notify a person if an unknown dog is lost.  

Bluetooth  trackers aren't new. But the biggest selling point for the AirTag is Apple's Find My network, which is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. Last week, the Find My network was opened up to third parties that can use the network for items like bikes and headphones. This will only increase that number of devices on Find My and make it even more robust. And that's important, because let's say you lost your keys and they had an AirTag attached. As soon as someone with another device on the Find My network, like an iPhone, crosses its path, the AirTag will communicate securely with the iPhone in the background to update the location of your lost keys. AirTags is basically a frame that showcases the strength and reach of Apple's Find My network.

AirTags work with any iPhone or iPodTouch on iOS 14.5 or any iPad on iPadOS 14.5. A single AirTag costs $29 (£29, AU$45) and a four-pack is $99 (£99, AU$149). You can order an AirTag starting Friday April 23 and AirTags will be available on April 30.

Behind the stainless steel back is a replaceable CR2032 battery, which Apple claims will last a year. Each AirTag comes with one already installed. When it starts to get low, your iPhone gets a notification. And CR2032 batteries are common. I like that Apple decided to make the battery replaceable and easy to access.

Getting an AirTag setup with your iPhone

Setting up your AirTag is easy. You just pull the battery tab, bring it close to your iPhone, and tap the Connect button.  I had to update my iPhone to iOS 14.5, sign into my iCloud account and verify the lock code on my iPhone. But even with the extra steps it was a straightforward process.


Locate an AirTag by playing a chime

Once the AirTag is tied to your Apple ID, you can use the Find My app and interact with it under the Items tab. To help you find your pet, you can ping the AirTag attached to it and play a sound. The AirTag uses its surface as a sound actuator to produce sound hence the absence of any tiny speaker grills.

Even if you don't have the Find My app open on your iPhone, you can say, for example, "Hey Siri, where is TrackFIDO?" The AirTag will chime in response.


The AirTag uses Precision Finding to guide you to it

But it gets better. If you have an iPhone 11 or 12 you can use Precision Finding to locate your AirTag. And that's because the AirTag, like the iPhone 11 and 12, has a U1 ultrawideband chip to determine the exact distance and directions to get you to it. A really cool interface pops up on your iPhone to guide you to the item and AirTag. It uses the iPhone's cameras, its ARKit software, its accelerometer and gyroscope, along with data from the AirTag to create a visual guide that, with haptics and sound, directs you to your lost item. Precision Finding works within Bluetooth range of the AirTag.

Apple Dog Collar 

If someone finds a lost AirTag, they can interact with it using NFC

If your AirTag is far away, you can put it into Lost Mode, which allows you to enter a phone number. If someone comes across the AirTag, they can tap it with an NFC phone (iOS or Android). This will take them to a website with information on how to contact you.

AirTags don't store your location data

You're the only one who can see where your AirTag is. Any location data or history isn't stored on the AirTag itself. When the AirTag comes in contact with another Find My device, like an iPhone, location info is transferred encrypted and anonymously.

No one, not even Apple, knows the location of your AirTag or the identity of the Find My device used to find it. Any Bluetooth signals rotate frequently, so other people can't use them to track you.


AirTags can't track another person unwillingly

There are people who might want to take advantage of the anonymity and privacy the AirTag provides to track another person without them knowing. Apple created a number of features to discourage unwanted tracking.

Any AirTag separated from its owner for a period of time will play a sound to alert you when it is moved. You don't need an iPhone or an Android phone to be alerted of someone else's AirTag. Let's say I put my AirTag in your bag and I leave. As soon as that AirTag moves it plays a sound to alert you so you can find it. You can use any iOS or Android phone with NFC to interact with my AirTag and receive information about it (like if it was in lost mode) or view instructions for how to remove the battery and disable it.


Apple Dog Collar



AirTags come with a water resistance rating of IP67, which makes them dust and splash resistant. This means that AirTags can survive being submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins.

While great for everyday use, this however means that you can use your tracker under extreme diving conditions or on equipment that can be lost deep underwater. For all such scenarios, you will need a waterproof case for your AirTags that will help keep the water out while helping it survive deep water pressure changes with ease. 


AirTag Dog Collar | TrackFIDO








Dog AirTag

AirTag Dog Collar Track My Pets?

AirTags use ultra-wideband technology to send out a signal to your device. Why is it called ultra-wideband technology? Because it can transmit info across a wide bandwidth, anywhere from 500MHz to several gigahertz! It’s therefore compatible with different wireless technologies without interrupting other signals.

Ultra-wideband technology is not new on the market. It was known as “pulse radio” at the beginning of the century, and it was used in military and medicine equipment. Since it’s extremely precise and provides data in real-time, ultra-wideband technology found its purpose right here: in locating things.

Most pet trackers use GPS satellites and cellular connections to track their furry friends. Unlike other trackers, AirTags don’t use this technology, and they can’t connect to the internet. They send out secure Bluetooth signals to iCloud, informing you of their location in real-time. You can access the location if you open your “Find My” app on your Apple device.

However, if your pet runs away, or gets lost, the AirTag will not be in your Bluetooth range anymore. In that case, you can put it in Lost Mode. So, if your pet passes by any Apple user, you will automatically get a notification. If someone finds your pet and sees the AirTag, they can tap it and see the information you provided, such as your name and phone number, and contact you immediately.


What’s great is that AirTags are not limited to Apple users only – any device with NFC functionality, including Android, can get your contact info by tapping the AirTag.

Upsides of Using AirTags With Pets

There are many upsides to using AirTags for tracking your pets. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Efficiency – AirTags enables you to view your pet’s exact location at any given time. If you’re an iPhone 11 or 12 user, you have the option of Precision Finding – this enables you to view the exact distance and direction to your pet when in range.
  2. Price – unlike pet trackers that can cost up to several hundreds of dollars, AirTags are cheap! Their price starts at $29 apiece, which is not a lot for a product that can save you the trouble of searching for your pet for hours. You can also buy a pack of four AirTags at $99.
  3. Easy to set up – AirTags are very user-friendly. You just take it out of the box and pull out the tab to activate it. Then, hold a compatible mobile device next to the AirTag, and a notification will pop up on your device for you to set it up. You can add a name to your AirTag, for example, the name of your pet.
  4. Size – AirTags are small and light, so they won’t be too heavy for your pet. The diameter of the AirTag is 1.26 inches (31.9 mm), its height is 0.31 inches (8.0 mm), and its weight is 0.39 ounces (11 grams).
  5. Battery life – AirTags have a great battery lifespan – it lasts for about a year! When the battery is low, you will receive a notification telling you to change it. What’s also great is the battery type. AirTags uses a CR2032 battery, which is often found in devices such as remote controls. You can buy them in almost every store, and they are cheap.
  6. Resistance – AirTags are splash, water, and dust resistant, so they make a great tracking device for your pet.
  7. Personalization – if you order your AirTag from the Apple website or Apple Store app, you can get your AirTag engraved for free. So, for example, you can put your pet’s name on the AirTag, or add a few of the 31 emojis available.
  8. Security – location is never stored inside the AirTag, and only you can access the location. Another great feature is that iOS devices can detect an AirTag that isn’t with its owner, thus enhancing the security. This reduces the chances of your pet ending up in the wrong hands.
  9. Multiple pet tracking – you can connect up to 16 AirTags at once. So, if you have more than one pet, and you want to track all of them, AirTags can be a great option. 


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AirTag Dog Collar Holder
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AirTag Dog Collar Holder

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