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AirTag Collar

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Apple Dog Collar | TrackFIDO®

Apple AirTag Dog Collar making your existing collar smart with Apples New AirTag Technology with GPS Bluetooth tracking and activity monitoring, it's like a smart watch for your dog. Try TrackFIDO Snap Case Today!

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The Best Bluetooth Tracker

Our new pick for Apple users is the AirTag, while Android users are still best served by the Tile Mate. We've also tested and dismissed the Chipolo One Spot, and added our notes to the Competition.

If you use an iPhone and want to track your stuff, Apple’s AirTag is easily the best option. In comparison with the competition, this tracker has two distinct strengths that make it our top choice: The AirTag utilizes Apple’s huge network of devices to assist in finding the area where you left your lost item, and precision tracking makes it easier for you to find the exact spot. Taken together, these two features mean you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for than with any other Bluetooth tracking system.

Apple isn’t the first company to utilize a crowd-finding network for tracking purposes, but with a billion devices, its network has by far the largest number of devices that can look for your stuff. Since 2019, Apple’s Find My app has used Bluetooth in every iPhone, iPad, and Mac that’s on the network to passively and anonymously find lost iPhones, Macs, and even contacts who share their location. Now AirTags can use the same system to report the location of any item you attach them to. In practical terms, this means if you leave your keys equipped with an AirTag at the coffee shop, for example, as long as someone there at some point has an Apple device, the keys’ location will be reported to you (and the person with the iPhone or other Apple device who identified it will never know). Although Tile’s trackers work the same way, they do so on a far smaller scale—it’s far more likely that the customer sitting one table over has an iPhone than a Tile.

The other key feature of the AirTag works once you know your tracker’s general location. Like the iPhone 11 and 12 series, AirTags support a wireless connection known as Ultra Wideband, which allows for precision locating at relatively short distances. Once you’re in the general vicinity of your AirTag (say, the coffee shop where you left your keys), you can tap the Find button in the Find My app. The app then shows you the direction and distance to the AirTag in question, and your phone vibrates as you get closer and allows you to play a sound to assist in the search. In our testing, the AirTag’s tracking signal took a moment to lock on, but once it did, we were thoroughly impressed by how accurate the system was.

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