AirTag For Dogs

AirTag For DogAirTag For Dog

Welcome to TrackFIDO™ 

Message From Our Founder:

TrackFido®  was founded by a team of people who absolutely love for pets.  My dogs, FIDO, makes are family complete.  Since FIDO came into my family's life 7 years ago,  FIDO has stolen our family's hearts.  With every memory of goofily playing frisbee, to running around at the dog parks, to our daily negotiations with after dinner treats ( how can I resist saying NO to those sad puppy eyes! )  FIDO has changed our life in so many ways.  I'm sure this is relatable to most dog owners.  I also know that dogs are selfless in their unconditional love and affection for those they meet, and how even a small interaction can go a long way in impacting us.  This is why, on behalf of TrackFido® .  We will donate a percentage of each sale to the Humane Society.  We believe it is our responsibility to further are love to pets that need us. 


In the coming months, TrackFido® plans on announcing our support for various local rescue non-profits in the Charlotte Area.  We know that local chapter work is  extremely hard to provide constant love & care towards pets in need of adoption.  We're planning on making an open forum for the charlotte area where you can nominate local charities that you believe should need some love and supported by TrackFido®.

With your help we can fight animal cruelty and make sure every pet gets the love it needs.  Here at TrackFido® we wanna say in advance thank you. We can't do it without your help.

AirTag For Dogs

Meet FIDO, FIDO loves to play out side. Very stubborn when it's time to come in. FIDO loves to wonder around the yard smelling the grass looking for lizards just being a dog.  Well sometimes FIDO wants to wonder too far and yelling and calling never seems to work.  The only way to track FIDO is to walk around the farm and look. Well we find FIDO most of the time. 

One day we couldn't find FIDO. So we decide it was time to search the world wide web for Dog Tracking Devices.  They all were very expensive with subscriptions that would rack up high fees.  Since Apple came out with the Apple AirTag we DIY many collars and thats when TrackFIDO cases were born. 


The only smart Airtag Dog Collar thats always powered on. TrackFIDO™ case are powered by Apple AirTag gives you one full year of battery power.  You'll track every moment of your pets location.  Its sleek design is great for all pets.

The Advantage of using Apple Airtag's

• 1 year battery life
• Live Tracking
• Waterproof which means it can be submerged in water
• Location Tracking GPS W/Google Maps
• Making the Dog Collar lightweight


TrackFIDO's Leather Dog Collar with Built-in AirTag

AirTag For Dogs 

Built for a lifetime

We used the highest quality genuine leather to craft our airtag dog collar. We did several tests to ensure a strong, durable and safe collar for your airtag dog collar. Handmade just for your best friend.

Worry-Free Adventures

The leather pocket holds the AirTag and secures it with a double copper-snapping mechanism for worry-free activities. The AirTag is secured and can't fall out when your pup runs, shakes or spins.  The AirTag Dog Collar was built for all day comfort. Making it the best Leather Dog Collar on the market.

Perfect Fit AirTag

Our leather dog collar is the perfect fit to hold and secure the Apple AirTag. It allows your pet to be located using your iPhone.  Apple's Bluetooth tracking is the newest technology that use's GPS W/Google Maps.


Leather Dog Collar

Won't Cause Bald Spots


Our leather dog collars are completely smooth on the inside, reducing friction around your dog’s neck, and reducing their chance of bald spots or neck rashes.


Won't Retain Smell


Our leather dog collars are impregnated with a secret recipe through a proprietary process that makes them water resistant. ( PET SAFE ) This not only keeps water out, but also dirt and bacteria that can smell bad.  If Dog Collar becomes wet. After a full day of playing wash with soap and water and let air dry and your leather dog collar will smell fresh and look new again.


Long Lasting Leather

Our leather dog collars are built for a lifetime of walks and adventures. We use full-grain steer hide with solid brass hardware and each collar is mechanically fastened with sturdy rivets. Guaranteed for 10 years. 


 Military Magnetic Technology Smart Buckle

Airtag For Dog Collar

The Best Hunting Dog Collar

The ultimate super strong and intelligent airtag dog collar. Utilizing innovative military magnetic technology, the TrackFIDO™ collar is the easiest in the world to apply to your dog while standing tough against all the elements. Featuring 1680 denier ballistic nylon and constructed with Kevlar smart thread, the TrackFIDO™ Ballistic collars are as strong as they come. This Hunting Edition TrackFIDO™ collar is perfect for the dog that needs to remain visible in the toughest conditions.

The Airtag Dog Collar Smart Snap Buckle is not only strong, but it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Your dog will love it.


Space Grade Aluminum Case

Airtag For Dogs

A modern aircraft frame is typically 80 percent aerospace aluminum by weight. Aerospace aluminum products in aircraft and spacecraft include wings, fuselages and machined parts. ... Aluminum alloys consistently out-perform other materials in strength-to-weight ratios as well as cost.

Aluminum alloy 7075 offers steel-like strength and is easily machined. One of the most sought-after alloys in the aerospace industry, AA 7050 has a higher capacity for corrosion resistance than AA 7075, and is much more durable.

By using Space Grade Aluminum it will last a lifetime that means it 100% chew proof are your money back.  The TrackFIDO aluminum case is very lightweight. Easy to clean.  

 Nylon AirTag Dog Collar

Nylon is exceptionally strong, even stronger than polyester. Nylon and polyester are both abrasion resistant and resistant to damage from most chemicals. ... They also tend to be wrinkle-resistant, polyester more so. It doesn't stretch of shrink, and is a crisp, resilient fabric whether wet or dry.

 airtag-dog-collar | www.trackfido.com

airtag-dog-collar | www.trackfido.com

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