AirTag Dog Collar Waterproof


AirTag - Dog - Collar

AirTag Dog Collar

Apple has done it again. This time Apple released its very first-ever AirTag Tracker. Never lose wants is important to you again. This Stunning, high-quality AirTag Dog Collar case from TrackFIDO™.

Simply insert the Apple AirTag into the TrackFIDO™ Case. Attach the collar to your pet. TrackFIDO™ Case keeps your Apple AirTag safe and secure. TrackFIDO™ Case has been designed specifically for Apple's AirTag and therefore will fit watertight around your AirTag Tracker, keeping it completely safe and secure.

Having Apple Bluetooth Technology will give you complete peace of mind that your Apple AirTag Dog Collar is sheltered and in return, your most important furry pets are too!



Apple AirTag Dog Collar Design

TrackFIDO™ was designed to make your furry pets look stylish, as well as offer you complete reassurance that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to know where your furry pets are with a simple click on your iPhone with Find My app by Apples Bluetooth Technology.


AirTag Dog Collar Attachment

TrackFIDO™ AirTag Attachment is built into the apple dog collar. We use high-quality Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing 1 inch. Many Colors to choose from. Everything is handmade in the USA in Mooresville NC. The AirTag Case is made of Space Grade Aluminum with a color code of black anodized to keep your TrackFIDO™ case looking stylish at all times. Space Grade Aluminum is very lightweight and heavy-duty and Pet Proof!


Apple AirTag Range

Apple AirTag does not have a defined range. They work within the Bluetooth range of Apple's Technology Find My Network off Apple iTunes FREE app. Anybody's Apple iPhone and other Apple devices can passively communicate with it to help find your lost AirTag are your lost furry pet.

Apple has not come out with the exact range of Bluetooth. But it's believed each Apple AirTag supports 5.0 Bluetooth with a trackable within 800 feet.


AirTag Battery

When it comes to charing the AirTag Battery on your TrackFIDO™ AirTag Dog Collar. You don't have to charge your Apple AirTag Dog Collar. The Apple AirTag dog tag has a battery life of about one year. Once the AirTag dog collar gets low on battery the AirTag will send you a notification to your iPhone. Each AirTag relies on a circular watch battery CR2032 Battery. 

You can buy the battery from any local store are shop off Amazon for a few bucks. To remove the battery. Take your AirTag Dog Collar off your pet. Unscrew the two screws on the back of the TrackFIDO™ Case pop out the Apple AirTag Dog Tag From the dog collar. Once removed, flip the AirTag over to the polished metal side that says Apple AirTag on it, push down, and twist clockwise.


What's The Best Way To Clean Your AirTag Dog Collar?

Wondering how to clean your AirTag dog Collar. To clean a nylon dog collar. Take out your Apple AirTag Tag. Hand washing will be the best way so you don't scratch your TrackFIDO™ AirTag Dog Collar Attachment. Hand washing your dog collar in the sink with a mild detergent or dish soap should do the trick. Make sure to layout your AirTag Dog Collar flat to dry after washing.



Apple AirTags

The Apple AirTags can be purchased directly from Apple, Best Buy, Amazon.

Is AirTags Waterproof?

Great News! Apple AirTag Dog Collar is waterproof. All AirTags come with IP67 water and dust resistance rating. That means your AirTag Dog Collar can withstand immersion in water up to one meter for a total of 30 mins.

AirTag-Dog-CollarAirTag Dog Collar Waterproof  




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