AirTag Dog Collar Attachment

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AirTag Dog Collar Attachment

Like every new Apple gadget, the first-ever AirTag tracker arrived with an excellent selection of original accessories, headlined by a Snap Case with a various loop for attaching it to items. Of course, third-party accessory makers immediately followed suit by launching their own AirTag-compatible products. Today, just a couple of weeks after its debut, there are plenty of AirTag Dog Collar Attachment to choose from.

Unless your bag, wallet, key holder, or other precious item has space to store it, you must accessorize your AirTag. In addition to making the tracker attachable, the best AirTag accessories will also protect its glossy polycarbonate housing and metal battery cover. That’s why we spent the past couple of weeks scrutinizing the best accessories worth buying — from the cheap to luxurious.

Find the perfect accessory for your new Apple gadget among our thoroughly researched picks. Please note that because they were just unveiled, some of the products on this list are still preorder-only.


Key Features For AirTag Dog Collar Attachment

  • Simply insert AirTag dog Collar Attachment into case & attach holder clip to item to always be able to find your important belongings
  • Attaches to pet collars, bags & more
  • Keeps your AirTags safe and secure
  • Minimalistic, cute design

Never lose what is important to you again with this stunning, high-quality AirTag Dog Collar Attachment case with slip-on holder clip from TrackFIDO™. Simply slide on the holder to your belongings or your pet's collar, clip it together and have your AirTag stay safe and secure. Once attached, all you have to do to is use 'Find my App' to locate your pets, baggage, keys or even bike! Save time in style with TrackFIDO™. 

Simply insert AirTag into case & attach the holder clip to your pet's collar 

Whether it's a pet, your suitcase or your bike - know you can find it easily and quickly by partnering your AirTags with this super cute, AirTag holder from TrackFIDO™. 

Attaches to pet collars, bags & more

Insert your AirTag into the AirTags case to easily find your pets, luggage and more.  This means you can spend more time watching TV, playing with your pet, double checking you locked the door for the 500th time or enjoying the start of your holiday, rather than spending time worrying about where your pet or baggage is! 

The fact this attaches to your pet's collar so easily and safely is even more important in a time where dog thefts are so prominent, as this adds an extra layer of security and provides you with reassurance, that if the worst happens, you will still be able to find your dog! Due to the design, it isn't obvious that the AirTag is inside the case, meaning that any dog thieves are unlikely to notice it. 

Keeps your AirTag safe and secure

This case has been designed specifically for AirTags and therefore will fit perfectly around your AirTag, keeping it completely safe and secure. This will give you complete peace of mind that your AirTag is sheltered and in return, your most important personal belongings are too!

Minimalistic, cute design

Designed to make your pets look stylish, as well as offer you complete reassurance that no matter what happens, you'll be able to know where your phone is with a simple click on your phone!

Instructions for use 

  1. Insert your AirTag into the case through the bone-shaped slot
  2. Affix the long strap around a pet collar or bag strap, tighten as required
  3. Secure the case in place by pushing the clasp through the opening 
  4. Wrap the small rubber loop on the back of the strap around the bottom of the clasp for extra grip

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