AirTag Battery Life


AirTag Battery Life

What happens when the AirTag life span ends?

You don't have to charge your AirTag, nor do you have to throw it away once the battery dies.  Apple says the AirTag life span is around one year.  The AirTag Battery can't be recharged.  There is no need or way to charge an AirTag because Apple designed them with user replaceable CR2032 Batteries.  When the time comes to replace the AirTag Battery.  It's really easy to change the battery.  The AirTag Battery uses a CR2032 battery, the kind of battery often fund at all local stores and even on Amazon.

How to check AirTag's battery life

Before beginning with the steps to check the battery life of your AirTag, it is important to note that the device must be connected to the Find My app. Your Apple device, which can be an iPhoneiPad, or a Mac, should also be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular Internet to provide accurate details. If these two conditions are fulfilled, you can proceed with the steps below.

  1. Open the Find My app on your Apple device.
  2. Go to the Items tab.
  3. Now, tap the name of your AirTag. You'll see the battery status right after the AirTag's name and location.

Apple doesn't provide the option to look at the exact percentage of battery remaining on your AirTag. However, the battery status available through the Find My app is good enough to suggest when you will need its replacement.

How to replace AirTag's battery

You can replace the battery of your AirTag in just a few steps. Before beginning with the replacement process, make sure you've removed the AirTag from the accessory or case it is attached to. 

  1. Hold the AirTag with its stainless steel battery cover facing towards you.
  2. Press down the cover and rotate it counter-clockwise until it stops rotating.
  3. Release your fingers. The battery cover will now pop up.
  4. Pull the cover and remove the battery, and then insert a new one with the positive side of the battery facing towards you.
  5. Once the battery is placed correctly, reattach the cover by lining up the three tabs on the cover with the slots available on your AirTag and press it down with a little pressure.
  6. The AirTag will now play a song to indicate the new battery is connected.
  7. Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops.

Keep the original battery away from children and dispose it off properly.

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